My name is Andrea Molnar. I grew up in Budapest, Hungary and lived and worked in the United States for 16 years before moving to my current home,Oslo,Norway. I am a 2 time former olympic gymnast (1992/96 team Hungary)with 20+ years of teaching experience in the field of artistic gymnastics as well as a licensed massage therapist and certified RYS yoga instructor registered with the Yoga Alliance. After being a competitive gymnast and coach for so many years I found myself longing for something to fill a place inside of me that felt missing for so long. Something to challenge myself physically but not competitively. My journey into the world of Yoga began at a time when I was going through some stressful events that were effecting me both emotionally and physically. Yoga helped me to find myself again, grounding me and restoring my self esteem. By combining my gymnastics background and knowledge of yoga I aim to help people gain strength, flexibility, self confidence, and not least of all a sense of calm so often missing in this day and age. Increasing your range of motion and strengthening your basic core and balance can have a therapeutic affect on pain related to tension and tight muscles. Teaching gymnastics has been my passion for many years whether it be high level athletes, young children, or adults. I wish to build a warm and friendly community in Oslo where people can come together to learn the art of yoga as well as connect with themselves and those around them. Put your digital mind on hold for an hour or more, leave the stresses of daily life behind and discover what you are capable of physically and mentally. Come share a cup of tea and treat yourself to a personal tune up.